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Phad Thai

Your pack should contain everything you need to make Phad Thai apart from sugar, oil and egg.


Rice noodles,Phad Thai Sauce, Turnip,Spring onion, Red Onion,Carrot, Bean-Sprouts,Tofu, Peanut, Fish Sauce,Lime


Before you start please soak noodles in cold water for at least an hour.



  • 1.Heat Oil in pan or wok
  • 2, Fry (chicken until cooked) , add egg and wait till it starts cooking then stir fry together.
  • Add turnip and sliced red onion till cooked.
  • Add rice noodles that have been soaked and strained.
  • Stir fry until starts to get hot all over and then add a little water and stir fry.Keep stirring until nearly cooked and add Phad Thai sauce.
  • Once its all been cooked for a few minutes add carrot, spring onion and bean-sprouts. Keep tossing th ingredients together till the veg are cooked by crisp.
  • Finish to taste with fish sauce and sugar
  • Dish up on plates and serve with accompanied toppings.